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An app developer is a computer software engineer whose primary responsibilities include creating, testing and programming apps for computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

These developers typically work in teams, and think of ideas and concepts either for the general public, or for a specific customer need.

Lead and provide technical guidance in process development projects. Collect business requirements, analyze them and develop customised solutions according to requirements and technology considerations.

Manage contract resources assigned for large projects.

CRM developers are programmers who specialize in system that collect user, consumer, and subscriber data.

They aren’t directly responsible for using those systems to improve customer satisfaction or boost sales (although they have a hand in both). Every company keeps records of customer behavior.

As an ERP Developerm, you develop and maintain Enterprise Resource Development (ERP) software.

Your job duties include developing reports based on employee data, customizing elements of the ERP software system, adjusting the user interface and usability of ERP software, and updating the best practices guidelines.

Serve as an Ecommerce Developer on assigned projects and accounts. Liaise with teams and be part of the build-out of various web, eCommerce, and mobile applications.

Liaise with design team members in shaping user experiences through demonstrating the latest technology tools constraints, and interfaces.

MLM Software refers to multi level marketing (MLM) / Affiliate marketing management tool. In which an admin user can manage a network, its users, and compensation plan.

MLM Software also provides its end users in the network, ability to see their network status, income, and manage their referrals, and payouts. In short, MLM company will be able to do the entire business and track the process and progress through the MLM Software, like new user registration, product purchasing, transactions etc.

Networking, also known as computer networking, is the practice of transporting and exchanging data between nodes over a shared medium in an information system.

Networking comprises not only the design, construction and use of a network, but also the management, maintenance and operation of the network infrastructure, software and policies.

Internet security consists of a range of security tactics for protecting activities and transactions conducted online over the internet.

These tactics are meant to safeguard users from threats such as hacking into computer systems, email addresses, or websites; malicious software that can infect and inherently damage systems; and identity theft by hackers who steal personal data such as bank account information and credit card numbers.

Game Development can be undertaken by a large Game Development Studio or by a single individual. It can be as small or large as you like.

As long as it lets the player interact with content and is able to manipulate the game’s elements, you can call it a ‘game’.

We provide comprehensive data collection services for a variety of data types, including speech, cal center, images. audio, documents, and personally identifiable information (PII).

Our services can help you to collect data and store data from a variety of sources.

We provide comprehensive data annotation services for a variety of data types, including images, audio, and curation.

Our services can help you to label and curate your data, making it more useful for machine learning and AI applications.

We provide comprehensive data transcription services for a variety of data types, including speech, audio, and segmentation.

Our services can help you to convert your audio and video files into text, making it more accessible and searchable.

We provide comprehensive language services for translation and subtitling.

Our team of experienced and qualified linguists can help you to translate your content into any language, and to create subtitles for your videos and audio recordings.